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We made a previous design, until your satisfaction

  • Posted on:  Thursday, 20 June 2013 13:42
  • Written by 

In architecture, stone is considered a building material, which has traditionally been used as one of the main materials used for the execution of the different elements that make up the buildings:

Foundations: Stones: pieces of stone material that are removed from the quarry, carved with flat walls and square with each other, used in the walls of Stone factory according to different rigging. The face of the ashlar that remains in a horizontal plane is called bed, those that remain in a vertical plane, rope, that is the one of greater dimension, and blight, the one of smaller size. The joining of the ashlars is done by means of mortar, or simply by the placement of the pieces "to bone", that is to say, without bonding material, obtaining the bonding by means of the used equipment. Sillarejo: pieces of stone of smaller size than the ashlars, also coming from quarry and carved also with flat and square facings. The term sillarejo applies mainly to stones that, unlike the ashlars, can be handled with one hand. The term sillarejo is often used for the arrangement of the pieces in stone walls so that there is a different piece height for each Masonry course. Every stone quarry report that can not squelch and is spent in factories with puchada of mixture and reblock of porrillo. It is also called masonry stone or other that is not from quarry and is removed from the rivers and is on the surface of the earth. For the formation of a same wall can be combined ashlars and masonry. Arches and vaults.

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